What You Need to Know About Multiple DUIs in Massachusetts

If you are facing a second or third drunk driving offense, then you probably already know that the penalties are much harder for repeat offenders. Massachusetts lawmakers have taken a dim view towards individuals who repeatedly get behind the wheel after they've been drinking. It's easy to understand that position when you consider that drunk drivers could potentially kill or injure innocent victims with their cars.

Unfortunately, what many legislators fail to realize is that alcohol dependency is a real medical condition. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, many people suffering from alcohol use disorder have difficulty controlling their drinking. Many of those victims also experience withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to abstain from using alcohol.

Certainly, alcohol use disorder will not excuse your multiple arrests for DUI. However, a court may consider alcohol dependency when determining the disposition of your case. The court may also consider the length of time that transpired between your last DUI conviction and the most current one. These are just two of the many factors your attorney may argue when requesting that the court consider alternative substance abuse treatment programs rather than incarceration.

You should also know that your DUI arrest does not automatically guarantee your conviction. For example, your Massachusetts DUI attorney may challenge the reasonableness for your initial traffic stop. Your attorney may also challenge the validity and accuracy of any chemical testing associated with your breath, blood or urine samples.

At this point in your case, it may appear as though the police and prosecutors have a solid case against you. However, the outcome of any legal case is never guaranteed. Still, it is important for you to know that as a multiple DUI offender, you will likely face greater scrutiny by leaving yourself to the mercy of those tasked with seeing that you get the most severe punishment available.

Based in Attleboro, our law firm realizes that incarceration may not always be the best solution for defendants who struggle with problems related to alcohol abuse disorder. Prospective clients should also know that one of our attorneys is a former prosecutor. That unique experience makes us uniquely positioned to advocate on your behalf. Prospective clients should feel free to schedule an appointment with our law office for a free initial evaluation of their cases.