Gun and drug charges looming for man held without bail

On behalf of Brian D. Roman, Attorney at Law on Friday, May 30, 2014.

A 23-year-old North Attleboro man has been arrested for trafficking heroin and gun possession as the result of an undercover investigation conducted by state police. The Bristol County District Attorney's Office, working in concert with state police and North Attleboro detectives, served a search warrant at the defendant's house on May 29.

Authorities say that in the defendant's home, they discovered 18 grams heroin, as well as 28 grams of marijuana and a .32 caliber pistol. Additionally, several prescription pills were seized, as were the defendant's cellphone and various objects of drug paraphernalia related to illicit drug distribution. The man has since pleaded innocent to all charges.

The defendant has been charged with trafficking in heroin, conspiracy to violate narcotics laws, unlawful possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and illegal possession of prescription pills.

Law enforcement investigators say that they were tipped off to the defendant's dealing of heroin and prescription pills in North Attleboro by confidential informants. The defendant is alleged to have even sold his illegal wares in a high school parking lot.

The defendant currently remains in jail without bail where he is awaiting a hearing to determine the dangerousness of releasing him before his trial. Prosecutors are expected to try to prove that there is no safer alternative to ensure public safety than to keep the defendant in jail for the 90 days it will take them to prepare for his trial.

Criminal defendants facing serious drug crimes and weapons charges need to know that what they say to police, even seemingly benign statements, can sometimes derail later attempts to get them a reasonable bail setting. Defendants also need to know that many times, courts allow drug diversion programs that seek to keep people out of jail in exchange for certain concessions.

Source: The Sun Chronicle, "North Attleboro man faces heroin trafficking, gun charges" David Linton, May. 29, 2014