After the divorce process has concluded and a decree has been issued, both parties are bound by law to abide by the guidelines set forth. However, if either party experiences a drastic change in his or her life circumstances, it is possible to seek a modification to the divorce decree from the court.

At his Attleboro offices, attorney Brian D. Roman provides clients with comprehensive representation in all types of family law matters, including modifications. He has more than 20 years of experience handling modifications and other post-divorce issues. Mr. Roman also handles modifications for individuals who were never married, but who have an existing family court order pertaining to child support or child custody.

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Changes That Warrant A Modification

In order to modify custody, support, alimony or any other established family court orders, it is necessary to show that one of the parties has sustained a change in his or her life that has a direct impact on the order in question. Types of changes may include:

  • The gaining or loss of a job
  • The gaining or loss of income
  • A subsequent marriage
  • The birth of additional children

Regardless of the life changes you have experienced, it is essential that any alterations to standing orders be made with a court's approval. If you decide to change the terms of an order, even with the consent of the other party, the terms are not enforceable if a court does not approve. You may also be subject to contempt actions if you are found to be in violation of an established order.

Enforcement Of Family Court Orders

It is possible for a court to help an individual seek the enforcement of an order. If a parent is not paying his or her child support, or visitation arrangements are not being adhered to, the party who is in violation of the order may be held in contempt and subject to additional legal action.

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