Probation Surrender Hearings


If you have been notified that you need to attend a probation surrender hearing, it would be best if you contact an experienced attorney who knows how to fight these issues aggressively and knowledgeably. Attorney Brian D. Roman has more than 20 years of experience as an attorney, seven of them as a district attorney regularly handling important criminal matters. Now that he is defending people against criminal charges instead of prosecuting them, Mr. Roman provides his clients with the benefit of the knowledge he has gained by working on both sides of a criminal defense case.

Do you have questions about a probation violation, probation surrender hearing or parole violation? Contact criminal defense lawyer Brian D. Roman today to discuss your concerns.

Taunton Probation Violation Attorney

The more quickly you contact Mr. Roman, the more time he has to prepare the best aggressive defense for you in your circumstances. When representing his clients in these situations, Mr. Roman makes it his goal to always provide the court with realistic sentencing options other than incarceration. Instead of the court sending you to jail, Mr. Roman helps the court consider other legal programs or treatments.

Mr. Roman does this by working closely with you to best present your case to the court. In some cases, instead of looking at alternatives to jail, Mr. Roman may advise you that your best option is to vigorously challenge the facts the state relied on to make its argument against you. He can also assist you so that your rights to any and all hearings are best preserved.

In all of these situations, Mr. Roman personally represents you. As a lawyer, he does not rely on assistants and paralegals. He even answers his own phone so you know that you will always and only be speaking with your attorney. You do not have to worry about getting lost in a sea of office assistants.

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You can schedule a free initial consultation with Mr. Roman by calling his Massachusetts law office at 508-669-5554. You can also make an appointment for a completely confidential and entirely discreet office meeting by contacting Mr. Roman online.