Property Crime


Facing property crime charges in today's economic environment means that you need an attorney who will aggressively battle on your behalf. Attorney Brian D. Roman will fight for your rights in court. As your attorney, he will investigate and challenge all of the state's evidence against you to strategically defeat its case.

Where possible, Mr. Roman will work closely with you to get your case dismissed. When a dismissal is not presented as an option in your matter, Mr. Roman can work with the prosecutor's office and shape a legal result that will be tailored to your individual circumstances. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Roman has an intimate familiarity with how the law works, both in the law books and in the local area in which you live.

Do not take chances with your future. Contact Attleboro criminal defense attorney Brian D. Roman to discuss the property crime charges you are facing.

Taunton Theft Defense Attorney

Mr. Roman defends a wide variety of clients against any number of property crime charges, including:

  • Breaking and entering
  • Malicious destruction of property
  • Theft
  • Larceny
  • Embezzlement

In all of these matters, Mr. Roman has built his law firm to ensure that each client is served by him and him alone. Mr. Roman does not use assistants for associate attorneys. When you hire Mr. Roman, you will know that the only person working on your case is the attorney you thought you were getting when you hired him, not an anonymous assistant you have never met.

Contact A Massachusetts Embezzlement Defense Lawyer

Discuss your legal questions with an experienced Attleboro property crime defense attorney. Call Brian D. Roman, former prosecutor, at 508-669-5554. You can also schedule a free initial consultation with Mr. Roman by contacting his office online. Mr. Roman handles all of his intake and his meetings himself. You will speak only with him. He appreciates your need for confidentiality and maximizes its protection.