Man Faces $200,000 Bail for Weapons Crimes at Dunkin' Donuts

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A man who is connected to armed robberies at up to 20 Dunkin' Donuts stores in the eastern Massachusetts area is facing bail set at $200,000. The 23-year-old was arrested on the afternoon of Nov. 26 after police executed a search warrant on his home. The man allegedly held up two of the shops over the summer and pleaded not guilty to charges of armed robbery.

The man has no prior criminal history. His only previous court appearances were for driving violations. However, the Massachusetts Bay Community College student was a former Dunkin' Donuts employee who left the company on a bad note, which may have spurred the robbery attempts. The man's lawyer did ask for the bail to be reduced to $5,000, but that was denied. He was not, however, surprised by the large bail amount given that the man is being accused of felony weapons crimes.

Witnesses were able to identify the man because his vehicle has New England Patriots decals on it. Surveillance video also helped identify the man. The shoes worn by the suspect in the video matched the ones that police found in the man's room. Ammunition that matched the gun seen in the videos was also found, but the gun has still not been recovered. The probable cause hearing is scheduled for Dec. 30.

A felony weapons charge, such as armed robbery, has serious implications. Felony charges stay on a person's criminal record for life. This can affect the man's future employment opportunities, among other things. If convicted, he will likely face a lengthy prison sentence and could face probation, fines, and other punishment as well.

Those in a similar situation need a solid defense so they can avoid serious charges and punishment and a long prison term. Criminal defense attorneys also ensure that a defendant's rights are protected throughout the court proceedings.

Source: Patriot Ledger, "Bail set at $200,000 in Dunkin' holdup case" Morgan True, Nov. 27, 2013