Former Massachusetts Attorney Accused of Larceny

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A reportedly disbarred attorney from Lawrence, Massachusetts has been accused of larceny and the unauthorized practice of law. It is alleged that he took approximately $900,000 from clients. Also, though his attorney's license was claimed to have been suspended in June of 2010, this individual purportedly continued practicing law after the license suspension.

Although this individual has been indicted at the time this story broke, no arraignment date concerning this matter had yet been placed upon the court's calendar. However, any charges related to larceny are extremely serious in nature and this person may be looking at significant time in prison if he is convicted.

Though we are still in the process of trying to discover what has happened, the newspapers still have published what this person has been accused of doing. We need to remember that this person has of yet only been charged rather than convicted of any crime. It is up to prosecuting attorneys to prove that wrongdoing actually occurred, and it's still quite possible that this individual will be exonerated.

We also don't know what the circumstances are for this person or what led up to his being indicted for any crimes. Every arrest has its own set of facts, and we cannot treat everyone charged in the same manner. Misunderstandings arise or individuals find themselves in circumstances well beyond their control. And some individuals are simply not guilty of any criminal act. At the very least, anyone charged has the right to tell his story in court and be represented by a competent criminal defense lawyer.

Source:, "Disbarred Lawrence lawyer faces larceny charge," June 14, 2013