Teen Faces Drug Charges After Police Find Marijuana in His Home

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Many teens use drugs regularly, but not many are the subject of a months-long investigation. One Massachusetts teen was recently arrested for conducting large scale sales of marijuana in the East Bridgewater area, about 40 minutes outside Attleboro.

The 19-year-old's home was raided by police from the Drug Task Force in the early morning hours of Nov. 9. The SWAT team assisted in the raid, as did K-9 units. Police found various items of interest in the home, including several pounds of marijuana in bulk packages. There were also many smaller packages of marijuana, digital scales and other drug paraphernalia. Also in the home where a pellet gun inside a holster, seven other weapons, cell phones, a Mercedes, prescription pills and cash totaling $40,000.

The teen was arrested and faces severalĀ drug charges, including drug possession and distribution of marijuana and possession of prescription drugs. He could be facing other charges as well after the investigation is complete.

The penalties for drug charges vary widely. Factors include the type of drug, amount and location. In addition, distribution charges result in stiffer penalties than simple possession. In this case, the teen's punishment may not be too extreme. Marijuana is not typically considered a "hard drug;" in fact, it is legal in some states. However, he did have three pounds of the drug, which is more than most people have in their possession. The teen also had many items in his home that pointed to drug distribution, so those two factors are not so favorable.

When the local police spends several months investigating your home for potential drug sales, you can expect that you won't get off the hook so easily. A person accused of drug charges - especially those involving distribution - needs a solid defense. A criminal defense lawyer can review the case, offer advice and determine the best course of action.

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