3 People Arrested, Face Drug Charges After Bust

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An ongoing investigation by detectives has resulted in a drug bust. The recent bust in East Falmouth, an hour outside Attleboro, has led to the arrest of three people. Police executed a search warrant on the morning of Oct. 17 and seized various items, including drugs and cash, from the home.

The Falmouth Police Department Drug Task Force, in conjunction with several other agencies, executed the warrant and searched the home on Sandwich Road. Police officers fund various incriminating items, including 5 ounces of marijuana worth $2,500, as well as two Smith & Wesson handguns and cash totaling more than $3,500. Police also seized a Toyota pickup used in the drug transactions.

Three people were also arrested on conspiracy and drug charges. A 29-year-old man faces several firearm possession charges, as well as drug possession charges with the intent to distribute. A 22-year-old woman faces several drug possession charges, including intent to distribute. A 57-year-old woman is being charged with drug possession with the intent to distribute.

The punishment for these charges can vary dramatically. The man can expect to face harsher punishment since he is facing seven total drug and firearm charges, while the women face two or three. Drug possession alone is typically a minor charge; however, all three face distribution charges, which can increase the severity of their punishment.

Punishment can range from probation to fines to jail time. The punishment will depend on the person's criminal history. The man has faced these charges before since many of them are second offenses. He can expect to face harsher punishment than those who have not previously been in trouble with the law.

Those suspected of drug charges are innocent until proven guilty. It's a good idea to have a solid defense in order to reduce the punishment and sentencing associated with these crimes.

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