Former Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Held for Domestic Violence

There's No Substitution For Experience

Court documents filed in Middleboro, Massachusetts, describe an Aug. 4 incident in which a former professional mixed martial arts fighter allegedly committed acts of domestic violence against his wife. According to the court records, the husband and wife, both 25-years-old, had been fighting when the husband's bull terrier dog attacked the wife, leaving her bitten and scratched.

Documents report that the wife then fled to a neighbor's house, bleeding and clad only in her underwear, where she sought shelter from her husband while the neighbor summoned police. An officer with the Middleboro Police Department confirmed that the woman had bite marks on her legs. Shortly thereafter, the wife enacted an emergency 209a restraining order against her husband and authorized her mother to temporarily take custody of the couple's two children.

Police then searched the couple's home where they found multiple firearms including handguns and rifles, all of which the husband is legally authorized to carry through a license issued in Plympton, Massachusetts. The husband, who was already under previous charges of domestic violence, was then placed under arrest and charged with multiple counts of improperly storing firearms near minors. Police seized his weapons and ordered him to surrender any additional firearms as a condition of any future bail arrangements.

Defendants in Massachusetts facing domestic violence charges need to know that regardless of the circumstances, all defendants still retain the right to a fair and thorough examination of all of the facts and circumstances regarding the charges leveled against them. Additionally, an attorney familiar with domestic violence cases may be able to successfully challenge the evidence or testimony offered against a defendant in court.

Source: Taunton Daily Gazette, "Middleboro UFC fighter denied bail after vicious beating of wife" Benjamin Paulin, Aug. 06, 2014