Twins Face Drug Charges in Huge Drug Bust

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Two 26-year-old brothers from Massachusetts are facing charges after police allegedly found large amounts of drugs and cash in their homes. The twins from Brockton, 35 minutes outside of Attleboro, were arrested on the morning of March 14.

When police searched the men's homes, they allegedly found many unlawful items, such as a half-kilogram of cocaine, 15 grams of heroin, four Percocet pills, a firearm and ammunition. In addition, police found $38,000 in cash and drug paraphernalia, including baggies, a scale and five cellphones.

The men now face various firearm and drug charges. Police claim that the men were considered to be very dangerous. This was the second drug bust in Brockton in a two-week period.

Drug offenses of this nature can lead to serious consequences. If the authorities allege that the men were involved in drug distribution, they would face harsher penalties than simple drug possession. The news report did not specify the men's charges.

Despite the severity of the charges, it is important to remember that these men are innocent until proven guilty. Plus, there are some defenses to consider. Was the search and seizure done lawfully? Another thing to consider is whether this was the men's first drug offense. Repeat offenses can be judged more harshly when it comes to sentencing.

If the men are found guilty of the charges, they are likely to face several years of prison time. Fines could be possible as well.

It's important for those who find themselves in similar situations to understand the charges and possible charges. A Massachusetts criminal defense attorney can provide more information about developing a strong defense against such charges.

Source:, "Brockton police arrest twin brothers and seize cocaine and weapons in drug bust" Laura Crimaldi, Mar. 14, 2014