Police Charge 3 People for String of Robberies

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Following an extensive investigation into 10 separate robberies, police in Massachusetts took three people into custody on the evening of Nov. 10. A 37-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman were detained at a residence in Worcester after police conducted a search of the property. Leicester police later detained a 25-year-old woman whom they believe was also involved in the string of robberies.

The alleged theft incidents began in September and occurred at various locations throughout Shrewsbury, Oxford, Millbury and Auburn. Some of the stores that police believe the accused individuals stole cash from include Price Chopper, Dunkin Donuts, Target, Shaw's supermarket and Walmart. Weapons were not involved in the majority of the robberies in question.

The accused man is now facing one count for armed robbery and five counts for unarmed robbery. He also had an outstanding warrant for distribution of narcotics as well as various traffic offenses. Both of the women received a charge for one count of unarmed robbery. The 25-year-old woman also had an outstanding warrant for armed robbery, assault with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy. According to police, an investigation into the alleged string of robberies remains open, and further charges could be forthcoming.

A person charged for multiple robberies may want to consult a criminal defense attorney before deciding how to plead to each individual charge. An attorney might conduct a thorough investigation into each alleged robbery in order to determine how strong the case is for prosecuting each count. If the evidence is strong, an attorney might be able to mitigate some of the potential consequences by negotiating a plea bargain.

Source: Mass Live, "Three arrested in spate of 10 robberies in Worcester, Auburn, Millbury, Oxford, Shrewsbury", Lindsay Corcoran, November 11, 2014