2 Men Plead Innocent to Knifepoint Robbery

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Two men faced arraignment in Attleboro District Court for the knifepoint robbery of two teens in South Attleboro. The teenagers were allegedly set up by another suspect who has yet to be arraigned.

Both suspects, a man from Taunton, 20, and his 19-year-old cousin from South Attleboro, entered pleas of innocent to charges of assault by a dangerous weapon and masked armed robbery. The Taunton man was denied bail and a prior bail for larceny was revoked by the judge. The other defendant was granted a $1,000 cash bail.

The two stand accused of approaching the victims as they sat in their car awaiting a woman. According to an assistant district attorney, the defendants allegedly used sweatshirts and bandannas to mask their faces while pulling knives in the victims' necks and faces. They then allegedly demanded the victims empty their pockets. Allegedly stolen was a small quantity of marijuana found by police later in the defendant's vehicle.

The third defendant accused of the set-up is a woman from South Attleboro, 19. She faces arraignment on similar charges in the future.

Defense attorneys counter that no evidence indicates their clients were involved in a robbery and that no weapons were found when the men were stopped by police.

Both cases were continued for pretrial hearings in September.

Whenever someone is accused of using a weapon during a crime, it's a serious charge. Don't let a felony conviction derail your life. Exercise your Miranda rights upon arrest and make no statements or admissions of guilt. Retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney with the time and resources to devote to your defense may be a better strategy than relying on an overworked public defender to plead your case.

Source: The Sun Chronicle, "Two suspects charged in South Attleboro robbery at knifepoint," David Linton, Aug. 18, 2015