Massachusetts State Trooper Held on Domestic Violence Charges

There's No Substitution For Experience

On Aug. 3, Massachusetts State Police arrested a man who they claim assaulted his girlfriend during a birthday party celebrating his own birthday. Authorities say the 36-year-old defendant, who is also a Massachusetts State Police Trooper, was at his home when a physical altercation broke out between him and his girlfriend over the volume of music, sometime around 3:00 a.m.

According to the defendant's attorney, the off-duty Trooper was engaged in an argument with his girlfriend over the music volume when she allegedly kissed the defendant before biting him on the lip and neck. The defendant's attorney says that his client reacted to the biting incident by forcefully pushing the girlfriend away and inadvertently breaking her collarbone.

According to the police report, the victim's mother stated that the defendant suddenly began acting erratically during the party and began breaking items within his home. The report listed several damaged items within the home including broken dishes and damage to a wall and stairway railings.

Other off-duty troopers were able to restrain the defendant and the girlfriend subsequently received treatment for her injuries at Heywood Hospital in Gardner, Massachusetts. She has since been released and has not filed for an order of protection from the defendant.

Authorities have already seized the defendant's credentials, service weapons and other job-related equipment from his home in addition to his personal weapons and ammunition.

Defendants facing domestic violence charges need to know that a conviction on those charges could have serious long-term ramifications. You could be barred indefinitely from ever possessing a firearm and you may also experience other challenges related to the child custody and visitation rights involving your children.

Fortunately, our legal system allows defendants accused of domestic violence offenses to retain experienced criminal defense attorneys to represent them in such matters. A criminal defense attorney can challenge the evidence or testimony prosecutors may attempt to use to prove your guilt. For example, you may have simply been attempting to defend yourself when you allegedly committed a violent act. An attorney can also help you appeal your case in the event that you received an adverse outcome in your original domestic violence case.

Source: CBS-Boston, "State Trooper Charged With Assaulting Girlfriend At Party," Aug. 03, 2015