Putting Your Massachusetts Gun Charges in the Proper Context

There's No Substitution For Experience

In light of mass shootings that have occurred across the nation in recent times, Massachusetts has implemented some of the toughest gun laws throughout each of the 50 states. In its zeal to protect the citizenry, the Massachusetts legislature may have inadvertently made it much easier for normally law-abiding citizens to unintentionally break those same laws meant to protect them.

In a previous article on our blog, we discussed how some of these scenarios could very likely play out. For example, under current guns laws, Massachusetts residents are required to unload any handgun or large capacity firearm before they travel with them in their vehicles. Additionally, gun owners are not permitted to leave their guns inside of a locked car unless they are either in the trunk or placed in a locked storage container. It doesn't take a vivid imagination to see how easily a person could get caught up facing serious felony gun charges.

Perhaps even more vexing are Massachusetts laws regarding how you store your firearms at home. Currently, gun owners are required to keep most modern weapons under lock and key at all times. This means that you must either place your weapons in a locked gun safe or rendered the gun inoperable by equipping it with a trigger locking mechanism. Obviously, this law works at cross purposes for individuals who purchase firearms for home defense. It may be extremely impractical to expect the occupant of a home to first negotiate a keypad code or fumble with a key while also dealing with intruders.

If you are currently facing gun charges in Massachusetts, you could be well served by an attorney that can put your alleged crimes into proper context. A court needs to understand that there may be relevant mitigating circumstances surrounding the causes for your arrest.

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