Crucial Alcohol Test Results in Snow-Related DUI Arrest

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On March 16, a Wrentham, Massachusetts, man pleaded not guilty to DUI charges in Attleboro District Court. According to police, the 25-year-old man was under the influence when he reportedly drove his vehicle into a snowbank during the previous weekend.

North Attleboro Police say the accident happened early Sunday morning at approximately 12:15 a.m., and at a section of town near Reardon's Field Lane. That is where police say the defendant plowed into a snowbank on North Avenue. The accident did not cause injuries to the driver.

According to police, the defendant had been drinking prior to the accident. They say that the man's blood alcohol concentration level was 0.22 percent at the time of his arrest. If true, that means the defendant's BAC would have exceeded the Massachusetts state limit for intoxication by almost a factor of three. The defendant's next court hearing is scheduled for April 13.

Massachusetts residents arrested for DUI need to remember that simply being arrested does not automatically mean that a court will convict you. You should know that there are at least three ways in which defendants charged with DUI can challenge their blood alcohol concentration tests. These include casting doubt on the individual who administered the test, challenging the manner in which the test results were stored and questioning the accuracy of any equipment used to perform those tests

Your Massachusetts criminal defense attorney can assist you by reviewing the facts of your case and determining which strategy is most beneficial to you. If successful, your attorney may be able to exclude crucial evidence that may destroy or damage the prosecution's case against you.

Source: The Sun Chronicle, "Wrentham man accused of drunken driving after driving into snowbank in North Attleboro" David Linton, Mar. 16, 2015