Be Aware of Changes to Gun Laws

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Most people know the Second Amendment, which gives people in Massachusetts the right to bear arms, especially with as much press as it is getting these days in the news. However, this is just a very general ruling, and specific gun laws can change and shift over time.

For example, certain types of weapons have been outlawed for the public to own, such as those that fire automatically if the trigger is held down. As a result, people created "bump-fire" weapons, which have stocks that rock back and forth as the gun is fired. This essentially makes it so that the gun fires on its own, though the trigger is technically being pulled every time.

The laws about things like this get a bit tricky and complex. Some people argue that these weapons are still illegal because they're just another way to make anĀ automatic weapon. Others argue that they are legal because the letter of the law is being met.

Another example of how guns have changed involves AR-style pistols. It is not legal to put a stock on one of these, in most cases, because of the short barrel. However, some companies have started making arm braces that can then be placed against the shoulder. Again, some people say these are illegal, while others disagree.

It's very important to be aware of any changes to gun regulations and laws as new technology comes on the market. If you don't keep up on these, you could face weapons charges for something you thought was legal. To learn more, if you are facing charges, please visit our site today.