Firefighter Given DUI After Fighting and Driving Away

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A firefighter from Brookline, Massachusetts, was arrested and charged with a DUI back in early October. Though some details remain unclear, it appears that he got into a fight with another man and then drove away while stillĀ intoxicated. He is 37 years old.

According to reports from the man who was allegedly attacked, the firefighter was unhappy that he took as long as he did to order his food. The two were at Anna's Taqueria. The man says that the firefighter knocked him down by striking him with a bottle and then started punching him while they were on the ground.

The prosecution says that the firefighter yelled at the man, accusing him of being homeless and insulting him. Interestingly, however, the man himself says he did not hear those insults. He also noted that he has a home.

Instead, he says he was just trying to leave when he was attacked. He says that the firefighter, after straddling him and punching him, tossed a burrito at him.

The firefighter disputes these charges, though. When he went before the court he put in a plea of not guilty.

At this time, it's unclear exactly when he was picked up for the DUI, though it seems to have happened after the fight, and the Fire Chief confirmed that he was arrested on these charges.

Anyone who is arrested has a right to a fair trial. As this case shows, the details can often be more complicated than they first appear, especially when there are differences between what the prosecution claims and what those who were there say they heard or saw.

Source: NECN, "Brookline, Mass. Firefighter Charged With DUI," Kathryn Sotnik, Oct. 13, 2015