Wrongful Death


Losing a loved one in an accident is always a terrible tragedy. While attorney Brian D. Roman cannot turn back the clock, he can help you and your family move forward. Moving forward in many cases means being able to meet expenses caused by the tragedy. It also may mean holding accountable those people responsible for the loss of your loved one.

You do not have to face the future alone. Contact Attleboro wrongful death attorney Brian D. Roman today for compassionate and experienced guidance.

Taunton Fatal Accident Attorney

In providing you with legal services during this difficult time, Mr. Roman puts compassion and understanding at the forefront. From this foundation, Mr. Roman works with you and your family to investigate the tragedy for the purpose of gathering as many facts as possible. With these facts in hand, he builds a persuasive case to present to the court on your family's behalf.

  • Mr. Roman also advises you as to any and all legal options available other than court. Court, many times, is not even necessary to resolve the matter, but when it is, Mr. Roman puts his long experience as a prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer to work.
  • Because many wrongful death cases stem from criminal activity, Mr. Roman's extensive experience in criminal matters uniquely positions him to provide his clients with knowledgeable and insightful advice regarding the most persuasive evidence to gather from the incident and how to best present it to the court.

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Call Brian D. Roman, Attorney at Law, at 508-669-5554 to schedule your free initial consultation with an Attleboro wrongful death attorney. You can also contact Mr. Roman's office online to make an appointment for a completely confidential meeting.

Mr. Roman is the only person who handles any of his client contacts and information. To maximize the confidentiality of your matter, Mr. Roman handles all of his work himself; he uses no associates or assistants.