Large Number of Individuals Arrested at Comcast Center Concert

There's No Substitution For Experience

There were 41 people taken into police custody at Comcast Center on August 4th while attending the 'Lil Wayne concert being held there. The vast majority of individuals arrested were charged with underage possession of liquor, though there were also arrests for alleged disorderly conduct and assault and battery.

There also will always be a debate concerning individuals considered adults but not allowed to be in possession of alcohol. What is interesting is that a large number of individuals charged were considered not old enough to drink, but they were old enough (being over the age of 18) to have their names printed in the newspaper as having been arrested.

There were 22 arrests that had taken place and another 19 taken into protective custody. Very little detail was provided as to why certain individuals were placed in protective custody, but most of these individuals were under 21-years of age.

Obviously, local law enforcement officers made a decision to crackdown upon behavior that was reportedly occurring at the Comcast Center. Though we do want to keep such locations safe, the danger in such crackdowns is that large numbers of people may be ultimately arrested for doing nothing more than being in attendance at a concert.

We do need to withhold judgment against these individuals until all of the circumstances are known. Whatever the circumstances of the arrests, individuals to have a right to contest the individual charges brought against them and have in their corner a criminal defense attorney to make certain they receive a fair trial.

Source: Mansfield Patch, "41 people taken into custody at 'Lil Wayne concert at Comcast Center Sunday," Jeffrey Fish, Aug. 8, 2013