Massachusetts Youth Alleged Possession of Marijuana

There's No Substitution For Experience

Three Massachusetts juveniles were arrested for allegedly having in their possession 7.5 ounces of marijuana. It was also claimed that they were in possession of eight beers.

According to Wellesley police, the youths were charged with drug possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, being in possession of alcohol, having drugs in their possession on school property and trespassing on school property after dark.

All three of the youths were described as being 16-years-old. As the three youths have not yet been tried, it cannot yet be determined whether any of them are actually guilty of what is alleged.

However, even if they really are guilty of what they have been charged, we hear many similar type cases involving juveniles as well. Young people often engage in foolish behavior and do not always appreciate the consequences that can come about due to their actions.

When dealing with young people, adults often overreact to conduct has supposedly occurred. The methods for dealing with young offenders need to be different from the way we treat suspected adult offenders.

Instead of placing them in juvenile facilities or in jail, young people often instead can most benefit from the advice and counsel from individuals that have only the best of intentions. This would include a consultation with an attorney that understands juvenile justice and the criminal system.

We can only hope that young people caught up in the criminal system will learn from rather than repeat their mistakes. Under any circumstances, we do need to provide them with a second chance.

Source: Wellesley Patch, "Juveniles Arrested with Marijuana at Sprague School," Sean O'Donnell, July 24, 2013