Father and Son Face Drug Charges in Marijuana Bust

There's No Substitution For Experience

It's often admirable when a father and his son participate in activities together. However, it's not the case when the time they spend together involves cultivating and selling drugs. Two men from Springfield, Massachusetts, were arrested on drug charges after one of the men bragged that he made so much money from selling drugs that he didn't have to work.

The 45-year-old man told others about his success selling drugs, prompting police to launch an investigation. Over the course of a month, detectives gathered enough evidence to obtain a search warrant and raid the man's home, which he shares with his 74-year-old father. On the evening of Aug. 20, police found the son holding several bags of marijuana, along with methadone pills.

Police discovered more evidence of drug use as they moved into the backyard. There, they found 57 marijuana plants, which yielded 47 pounds of the drug. They also found nearly $8,000 in cash and various drug paraphernalia.

Both men have faced arraignment in Springfield District Court. Police are in the process of seizing the home.

Penalties for drug charges vary dramatically. There are many factors to consider, including geographic location, amount of drugs, type of drug and criminal history. It is unknown if the men have been charged with drug possession or cultivation in the past. Although the amount of marijuana found - close to 50 pounds - is fairly large, the men may not face charges that are too serious in nature.

Why? Because marijuana has become decriminalized in many states. Marijuana is fairly harmless when compared to other drugs, so there's not really a huge incentive to lock up people for these types of drug crimes. Had the men been caught with a stronger drug, such as heroin or cocaine, then the penalties would likely be enhanced.

Source: WWLP, "Father, son arrested in Springfield marijuana bust" Anthony Fay and Yoojin Cho, Aug. 21, 2013