Man Faces Theft Charges for Stealing Diesel Fuel

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With gas prices sky high, Massachusetts drivers are looking for ways to pay less at the pump. One man took it a step further and decided to get his gas for free - by stealing it. The Maryland man has allegedly stolen 660 gallons of diesel fuel from various businesses in the area.

An anonymous tip led police to arrest the 49-year-old man, who was caught stealing diesel on two occasions in August. It is also believed that the man is connected to other thefts in the Severna Park and Millersville areas of Maryland. The man faces a variety of charges, including theft, burglary, weapons charges, trespassing and destruction of property.

Diesel theft appears to be a huge issue in Anne Arundel County, and this is where the man allegedly committed his theft crimes. Police say that the county has had 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel stolen so far in 2013, so apparently, this man is not the only one committing this crime in the area.

There are several defenses that a person can use if they are accused of theft. Intoxication is one defense. If the man can prove that he was intoxicated at the time the thefts occurred, then he may not get off the hook completely, but his sentencing and punishment may be more lenient.

Entrapment is another viable defense. The accused individual must prove that another person coerced him or her to commit the crime, with the intent of punishing the person. The person must be lured into committing the crime, which can be difficult to prove.

Those who are accused of theft need a solid defense from a knowledgeable criminal law attorney. A legal professional can review the facts surrounding the case and defend the client. It is possible that a lawyer can get the charges reduced or in some cases, eliminated completely.

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