Two Men Face Drug Charges After 'Molly' Bust

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Drug use is a problem in many areas around the country. Currently, there is a trend in the use of the drug 'Molly', which is a pure form of ecstasy. This drug has been responsible for many recent overdoses and deaths, with several in the Boston area. Two men were arrested on Sept. 6 after police conducted a drug bust in a bar in South Boston.

The men – a 29-year-old from Boston and a 36-year-old from Quincy – now face drug charges. It is unknown if they are connected to the recent deaths, which occurred at the House of Blues in Boston when three people died from a Molly overdose. One of them was a New Hampshire college student. Molly overdoses have also contributed to two recent deaths in New York City.

Drugs are powerful substances that, in small doses, can cause people to act irrationally. In large doses, they can cause serious medical conditions or even death. Ecstasy is commonly known as a party drug, so it's not uncommon to see it in bars and nightclubs. However, as a stimulant, it can easily kill users and has been contributed to the deaths of many teens. Ecstasy can be especially dangerous in its pure form – Molly.

Despite being caught with the drug, it's important to know that the two men are innocent until proven guilty. What were the men doing when police arrested them? Were they actively using or selling the drug? If so, they will need a good defense in order to get a more lenient sentence.

Sentences for drug possession can vary dramatically. They depend on several factors, including type of drug, amount and location. In addition, if the men were selling the drug, the punishment could be harsher. Although ecstasy is more dangerous than marijuana, is it as dangerous as cocaine or heroin? It will be interesting to see what penalties the men will face, if any.

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