Man Arrested for Third Oui

There's No Substitution For Experience

A Massachusetts man faces several drug charges after being stopped by police on Dec. 3. The incident happened on Bay Road in Easton at around 7 p.m. Easton police say they responded to a call from another driver about a car that was only going 10 to 15 mph and was also swerving into oncoming traffic. A police officer was able to locate the car and pull it over.

After the stop, the 57-year-old driver was detained on numerous charges. He was held at the Bristol County House of Correction on bail. The accused man faces charges of operating under the influence of drugs, possession of heroin and possession of a Class C drug. If convicted, he faces time in jail, license suspension, probation, and fines.

According to news outlets, this was the accused's third arrest forĀ OUI. There was no word on when the other arrests occurred or whether he was convicted in those incidents.

Individuals who face drug and alcohol charges can often negotiate a plea deal that substitutes counseling and rehabilitation for time in jail. With legal help, individuals can sometimes have convictions expunged for completing counseling. However, this may be more difficult if a person possesses a prior record. An attorney may be able to offer their assistance and professional advice on the matter. Based on a client's unique circumstances, an attorney might either recommend a plea bargain or push the case to trial if the evidence against the individual appears weak or an error in police conduct is discovered.

Source: Easton Patch, "Easton police arrested Mansfield man on OUI drug charge", Daniel Libon, December 04, 2014