Alleged Drunk Driver Crashes Car Through Home

There's No Substitution For Experience

A Massachusetts woman was taken into custody on Dec. 11 after she was accused of driving a vehicle into a house. The report stated that the front two wheels of the vehicle ended up positioned over a bed where a 72-year-old man had been sleeping at the time the incident took place.

The crash occurred before 2 a.m. in Worcester. The driver, who was identified as a 33-year-old woman, was allegedly operating a 2003 Subaru Legacy when she crashed into the home. The man stated that he asked if the four occupants of the vehicle were all right, but they exited the car and left the residence through the back door. When the authorities interviewed the driver about the incident, they reported that the smelled alcohol on her breath and that she was showing classic signs of intoxication, including bloodshot and glassy eyes.

Authorities determined that the woman had crashed into a parked car and struck the curb prior to slamming into the home. The vehicle then drove through a yard before coming to a stop halfway through the wall of the home. Authorities stated that the driver of the vehicle gave them a false name and did not have a valid driver's license. She was ultimately charged with negligence, operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and driving without a license. She posted bail and was scheduled to return to court on Jan. 8.

In the event that a person is charged with drunk driving, there are several strategies that an attorney may use to defend their client. In cases where the prosecution has strong evidence against the accused person, the attorney may challenge certain aspects of the case, such as whether the breath or field sobriety tests were properly conducted.

Source:, "Woman charged with OUI after car crashes into home", December 11, 2014