Massachusetts Police Charge 6 People with Drug Crimes

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On Dec. 23, authorities in Ware detained a total of six individuals ranging in age from 27-years-old to 39-years-old. The accused were taken into custody in two separate groups when the Ware Police enforced a pair of search warrants. The local chief of police said that the enforcement actions occurred in the morning hours.

According to authorities, the first four individuals were apprehended on Pleasant Street. At the time of reporting, they faced a number of different drug charges, including conspiracy, possessing drugs near school zones and intent to sell heroin, which is a Class A substance. A 30-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman were indicted for being present where heroin is kept, and the man apparently had an existing arrest warrant on his record.

The second law enforcement action occurred near Glendale Circle. A man and a woman were detained in a vehicle close to an apartment the police had targeted. The two were charged with multiple possession, distribution intent and conspiracy crimes related to heroin, cocaine and clonazepam, class B and C substances. Police claimed the man had cocaine and heroin in his possession when he was taken into custody. Reports were unclear whether the two raids were related to each other or performed as completely separate initiatives.

Individuals who face drug charges also face harsher penalties when they are accused of more than one crime. The same may apply to those who have been previously indicted. In these situations, people dealing with charges may wish to learn more about their plea and defense options by consulting with a criminal defense lawyer.

Source: WGGB, "Six people arrested following two drug raids in Ware", Ryan Trowbridge, December 23, 2014