Boston Man Faces Drug Charges for Selling Cocaine and Heroin

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Drug use and distribution are common in our country. Many police officers try to stop it whenever possible in order to keep neighborhoods safer. One police officer in Rowley, a little over an hour outside Attleboro, allegedly saw a vehicle connected to drug deals in the area. The officer followed the vehicle and arrested a man, who is now facing drug charges.

The police officer was on patrol on the afternoon of Jan. 23 when he came across a black SUV allegedly known for its connection to drug deals. He followed the vehicle to a residence. The officer saw a man enter the house and knocked on the door to see what was happening.

Inside, the officer allegedly found multiple bags of cocaine. A K-9 unit searched the vehicle and reportedly found heroin and cocaine inside. In the home and car, police found nearly $2,000 in heroin, more than $5,000 in cocaine, three cellphones, drug testing kits and $484 in cash. This was one of the largest drug busts in the area in recent months.

However, that wasn't all. Police obtained a warrant to search the 36-year-old man's home in Boston. More drugs were found there, including more than $10,000 of heroin and cocaine.

The man – who has previous drug possession charges against him – is currently in jail, where he is facing multiple drug distribution charges. He faces up to 20 years of imprisonment per charge.

Drug offenses can result in serious consequences, as seen in this case. Distribution charges carry severe penalties, especially when hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine are concerned. Developing a strong defense will be necessary in order to have the best chance at a positive outcome in the case.

Source: Newbury Port News, "Heroin, cocaine bust in Rowley" No author given, Jan. 25, 2014