DUI Causes 2 Crashes as Woman Drives Wrong Way

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An early morning drive from Quincy to Boston led to two accidents, with one man suffering serious injuries. The woman who allegedly caused the crashes was driving the wrong way on Route 93 while intoxicated. The woman now faces criminal charges for multiple offenses: DUI, negligence, driving the wrong way, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to stop for police, resisting arrest, assaulting police and assault with a dangerous weapon.

The incident occurred on Feb. 4. While driving in the wrong direction, the woman caused one man to crash. He tried to avoid hitting her, but his car spun out of control. He was treated for his injuries at Quincy Medical Center.

The woman didn't stop. She kept on going – in the wrong direction – until she hit a snowplow a short time later. The driver tried to avoid the accident by flashing the lights and honking the horn, but the woman still hit him. The snow plow driver was not hurt.

The woman was arrested and is now free after her $3,000 bail was paid. She pleaded not guilty in court that same afternoon.

Of those charges, the woman will likely face the harshest penalties for the DUI and assault. The details of the assault were not disclosed, but assault can result in jail time.

It's a miracle that the woman did not cause any fatalities. She has numerous charges against her and will have to return to court. She will need a strong defense in order to have the best chance at a positive outcome in her case.

Source: Patch.com, "Police: EP Woman Drove Drunk, Wrong Way on Interstate 93" Mark Schieldrop, Feb. 04, 2014