22-Year-Old Massachusetts Man Charged with Weapons Crime

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Guns are not toys. They are objects that can easily injure or kill another person. That's why some people use them to intimidate and threaten others. One Massachusetts man was recently arrested after he pulled a gun on another man and threatened to shoot him.

The 22-year-old man, a barber in Springfield which is located about 90 minutes outside Attleboro, was arrested on the morning of Dec. 23 after he allegedly used a weapon to threaten a 19-year-old man. The victim said he was in an apartment parking lot when he was approached by the man. The man threatened him several times before leaving.

City and state police troopers arrested the man after they found his car at a barbershop. He is now facing charges of intent to commit a crime and assault with a deadly weapon.

weapons crime can come with serious penalties. These types of crimes are often considered felonies, especially when a crime such as assault or murder comes into play. Because the man was in possession of a weapon during the commission of a felony, he could face jail time as well.

A felony is no laughing matter. A felony is a serious criminal charge that stays on a person's record forever. It can affect a person' employment and other basic rights. If convicted, the man will never be able to own a gun again. That's why he will need a strong criminal defense. The victim told his side of the story, but there could be more to it. An experienced criminal defense attorney will work diligently to prove a client's innocence while his or her rights are protected during the legal process.

Source: The Republican, "Evan Nyman, 22, of Ludlow charged with threatening to shoot another man" Jeanette DeForge, Dec. 23, 2013