Gun Charges Brought Against Two Men

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Gun control is in the topic of great debate in this country. Whether you are for or against it, you likely realize that there are criminal charges possible when gun control laws are allegedly broken.

In this gun crime case, two people were arrested on gun charges that were directly related to having a semi-automatic weapon in their possession. The police in Holyoke saw a car that did not have its lights on. This was suspicious to them, so they attempted to stop the car using their lights and siren. They followed the car for some time and became even more suspicious when the passenger of the car allegedly threw something out of the window.

The police did not begin their evening trying to find a car that had a semi-automatic weapon in it but were conducting an anti-gang and anti-narcotic investigation in the area.

The police were able to recover the item that was allegedly thrown out of the window. It turned out to be a fully loaded, nine millimeter "Hi-Point" semi-automatic handgun.

One of the men, age 25, that was arrested on gun charges already had a pending narcotics charge and an additional gun charge. He was out on bail at the time. The other man, 32, is also facing multiple charges. It is not known if the men were able to post bail in their respective cases.

Defendants charged with gun crimes and other offenses need to ensure their rights are protected throughout the legal process. An experienced Massachusetts criminal defense attorney can do just that while building a strong defense against the charges.

Source: ABC 40, "Holyoke police arrest two on gun charges" No author given, Dec. 21, 2013