Plainville, Massachusetts, Man Accused of Driving 114 Mph, DUI

There's No Substitution For Experience

Massachusetts State Police claim to have arrested a man for drunk driving who was speeding along Interstate 495 South on June 7. Troopers say that the 28-year-old Plainville, Massachusetts, man was hurtling along the interstate in his BMW near the exit for Route 140 in Attleboro when they first spotted him. According to the police, they clocked the man at 114 mph before he eventually exited the interstate at the I-495 off-ramp.

Police then pursued the man and was able to effect an arrest near the exit of Route 140 at approximately 2:45 a.m.

The assistant district attorney said that the man's behavior was indicative of someone who had been drinking alcohol. Despite the suspicions of the police, the man declined to submit to a breath test to determine his blood alcohol concentration. The man has since been charged with drunk driving, speeding and failing to drive within marked lanes. He was released after posting bond and must return for a hearing on June 30.

A DUI conviction can cost a lot of money up front as well as over a long period of time. The initial costs can be fairly immediate. The court will usually access a fine and charge the defendant with court costs. There may also be court-ordered community service, which the defendant must complete within a specific period of time. Also, there may be a mandatory victim's impact meeting required, which also costs money. Then, there are the long-term costs. Things like an increase in car insurance payments. The court may also require that a DUI offender install an ignition interlock device onto their vehicle. The costs can spiral out of control.

Persons accused of DUI should know that just because they have been arrested does not mean they automatically are guilty. The prosecutor still must show that they are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Sometimes that is a very difficult task depending on the circumstances of the case.

Source: The Sun Chronicle, "Plainville man accused of drunken driving; traveling 114 mph on I-495 in Mansfield" David Linton, Jun. 10, 2014