Celebrity Couple Gets Domestic Violence Charges Dropped

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On June 17, prosecutors decided to drop domestic violence charges against singer Paul Simon and his wife Edie Brickell. At a hearing on the same day, Simon and Brickell appeared in the Norwalk, Connecticut, Superior Court to learn their fate regarding their earlier arrest. Police arrested the couple back on April 26 after arriving at their New Canaan, Connecticut, home. The pair was allegedly in the midst of a family dispute. The couple was detained overnight and then released the following day.

A clerk speaking for the Superior Court told reporters that the decision effectively means the couple will not be prosecuted on the charges filed against them. Both the 72-year-old Simon and his 47-year-old wife gave statements to the judge affirming the amicable resolution of their spat. Simon commented that the couple was going to attend their son's baseball game together after the hearing. They held hands at one point during the deliberations.

Brickell issued a statement through her attorney in which she appeared to take blame for starting the heated exchange. She said that she had decided to lash out at her husband after her feelings had been hurt. She also characterized the argument between her and Simon as a misunderstanding by the police. The couple has been married for 22 years.

Far too often, we hear news reports featuring berserk spouses who assault their mates or harass them until they are filled with mortal fear. However, there are cases where heated arguments between couples can be misinterpreted. The problem is that many police agencies have grown weary of acting as the referees during some domestic squabbles.

From the perspective of the police, it may be easier just to arrest both parties and place them in jail until things cool down. Unfortunately, domestic violence is a serious charge. If convicted, a defendant could be required to pay a sizable fine, serve some time in jail and perhaps attend mandatory anger management class or other programs. People facing domestic violence charges should know that in some cases a mutually beneficial arrangement between both parties can be reached. A legal advocate with experience in such matters may be able to help guide a defendant through such a process.

Source: CNN, "Domestic violence case dropped against Paul Simon and Edie Brickell" Alan Duke, Jun. 17, 2014