Shop Manager Accused of Stealing over $30,000 in Massachusetts

There's No Substitution For Experience

A 24-year-old man is facing charges for theft after being accused of stealing from a company known as the Tire Warehouse, where he had worked in the capacity of assistant manager. According to the documents from the case, he allegedly took more than $32,000 over the course of just a few months, but he was eventually discovered by the shop's owner.

The young man was given the task of bringing the money to the bank as part of his shift. The owner of the shop would get everything in order and write out the deposit slips for the cash, and the man would then take the money and the slips to the bank the next day. However, he was apparently throwing those slips out so that he could write new ones after he skimmed some money off of the top.

The bank contacted the owner after the man deposited just $200. He went to the shop and looked in the trash, where he found the correct deposit slip, which was really for $800, showing him that the man had taken $600. After looking farther into the case, he determined that there were even some weeks when no deposit was made at all, and the manager was apparently taking it all home with him.

The former manager went to the Greenfield District Court recently, where he said that he is innocent of the embezzlement charges.

Anyone who has been accused of theft deserves to know what his or her legal rights are in the case. This is especially true in cases like this, however, when defendants believe that they are innocent and that they did nothing wrong.

Source: The Recorder, "Former Tire Warehouse employee charged in theft" David Rainville, Jun. 23, 2014