Man Faces Multiple Charges Following Drunk Driving Arrest

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Hanover police reported that a 35-year-old Hingham man was charged with multiple offenses after being arrested for drunk driving on Sept. 28. According to police, they first became interested in speaking with the man after they allegedly saw his vehicle parked in the middle of the street on Henderson Road at 4 a.m.

When they approached his vehicle, the man reportedly drove off and stopped in a driveway where police confronted him. Police allegedly smelled alcohol on his breath and asked him to do roadside sobriety tests. After the tests, the man was charged with OUI, second offense, and driving with a revoked license. After a search was performed of his car, police claim they found two small baggies of powder cocaine, and he was charged with drug possession as well.

Police state that when they arrived at the police station, they discovered the man had used his brother's name instead of his own. They responded by adding a charge of providing false identification. After being taken into custody and booked into jail, the man was released on his own recognizance.

When people are accused of impaired driving violations that could result in imprisonment, they may have the right to be represented in court by an attorney. Criminal defense attorneys may be able to assist their clients in identifying possible defenses to the charges and constitutional issues with how the traffic stop, investigation, and arrest were conducted. In some cases, a violation of the rights of a defendant by the police may result in the evidence gathered during an investigation being ruled inadmissible, which may result in dropped charges.

Source: Wicked Local Hanover, "Hingham man faces second OUI, drug charges", October 17, 2014