Massachusetts Man Detained for Alleged Drug Dealing

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The Stoneham Police Department took a man into custody on Oct. 10 for allegedly dealing cocaine and heroin. The 29-year-old Lawrence man is facing a charge of possession with the intent to distribute substances categorized under classes A and B. His arraignment was scheduled for Oct. 14.

Authorities launched an investigation after receiving several complaints around Dunckle Avenue of alleged drug dealing. Police later identified a group of people they believed to be involved after several months of close monitoring.

During surveillance on Oct. 10, police believed that a man was carrying a large quantity of cocaine and heroin. While searching the man, they allegedly seized six bags of powdered cocaine, 10 bags of crack cocaine and 27 bags of heroin. Police also seized the man's vehicle. In a statement, authorities applauded the residents of the town for standing against drug trade in the community.

Being convicted of drug charges for intending to distribute controlled substances could have harsh consequences for a defendant. An individual might be sentenced to imprisonment, which may cause problems in their personal lives and with their current and future careers.

A defendant at risk of suffering these penalties could speak with a lawyer to potentially help them build strong cases against the allegations. Some lawyers may review the conduct of authorities at the time the defendant was searched and detained. They might also challenge pieces of evidence that authorities and the prosecution plan to use in court. These tactics could lead to dismissed charges or reduced charges and sentencing through the negotiation of plea bargains.

Source:, "Police arrest 'major alleged drug dealer' in Stoneham", Ashley Troutman, October 11, 2014