Woman Found with Heroin Under Her Butt Enhancer

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On Sept. 16, a 33-year-old woman in Massachusetts was accused of stashing heroin and pills under a butt enhancer. The drugs were allegedly discovered after the woman was booked into jail and asked to remove the fake behind she wore over her underwear. After removing the garment, a female officer allegedly spotted a bulge under the woman's first layer of underwear that was determined to be illegal drugs.

The drug charges stemmed from an incident that began when police officers pulled over the accused woman's vehicle to conduct a traffic stop in Bourne. After stopping the car, police say passengers in the vehicle were seen hiding items under a seat. Some pills were then reportedly seen slipping down the accused woman's pants while she stood near the vehicle. Officers also found marijuana in the car. Though the woman admitted the marijuana was hers, she denied ownership of the pills.

A police officer apparently became suspicious about the woman's undergarments during a pat-down at the Barnstable County jail. The defendant explained to the female police officer that she wore the butt enhancer because she "didn't have a butt." When the officer asked her to remove it, she reportedly became visibly upset.

A criminal defense lawyer may be able to help someone who is facing similar drug charges to build a solid defense. If the case involved a strip search, a lawyer may conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether police officers acted lawfully in every aspect of the search. Any unlawful police actions that are determined to have taken place during the investigation may help an effort to have the defendant's charges reduced or dropped.

Source: New York Daily News, "Massachusetts woman stashed drugs under butt enhancer: police", Nicole Hensley, October 04, 2014