Man Receives Prison Sentence in Massachusetts

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A man who was convicted of offenses in Virginia was also convicted of carjacking in Massachusetts. He will serve his sentence in West Virginia and will then serve his Massachusetts sentence. The defendant pleaded guilty to the carjacking charges and was sentenced to a minimum of five years and no more than six years in prison. According to prosecutors, he threatened a man and then stole $150 in cash and car keys after punching the individual.

In Virginia, the defendant reportedly entered an apartment, assaulted the female resident and stole multiple items. He was convicted of grand larceny and malicious assault. He was sentenced to a minimum of two and no more than ten years in a West Virginia prison. He is in custody in the Martinsburg Correctional Center. According to a Massachusetts newspaper, the defendant reportedly went on a multi-state crime spree and then boasted about his activities on social media.

The defendant in the above story pleaded guilty to the charges against him in Massachusetts. One reason that some defendants plead guilty is that they have agreed to a plea deal. There are benefits and drawbacks to plea agreements. A Massachusetts criminal defense attorney may evaluate a defendant's case and then explain the relative merits of a plea agreement.

One benefit of a plea deal is that, in most cases, the penalties will be less than the maximum. One drawback of a plea agreement is that the defendant will likely be required to plead guilty, resulting in a conviction on his or her criminal record. However, a defendant who rejects a plea will still face the possibility of a conviction at trial.

Source: WBOY, "Virginia Man Convicted of Morgantown Crimes, Sentenced in Massachusetts", August 28, 2014