New Bill Could Classify Synthetic Drug as a Controlled Substance

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A Massachusetts state representative recently filed an emergency bill that aims to recognize NBOMe, a synthetic chemical drug, as a controlled substance. According to the report, the drug was classified in November 2013 by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency as a Schedule I controlled substance. However, the state currently does not recognize it as such.

Reports indicate that several teenagers have suffered medical emergencies from taking the drug. In two occasions, two groups of teens required emergency treatment, and in both cases, charges were dismissed because NBOMe was not one of the drugs listed as a scheduled substance. So far, 19 deaths have occurred nationally due to overdosing on the drug or erratic behavior caused by the substance.

The new bill would classify NBOMe and three of its variant compounds as Class B substances in the state of Massachusetts. Also known as "N-bomb" and "smiles," the drug is said to be easily concealable and has the potential to be more powerful than LSD. Additionally, the drug is sold at very inexpensive prices in small amounts that are measured in micrograms, according to the state representative. The bill is expected to be passed within the next several months.

Those who are found to be in possession of synthetic drugs could potentially face seriousĀ drug charges. An attorney might be able to have those charges dropped or reduced if he or she finds that the authorities did not follow the proper procedures during the investigation or seizure of the evidence. Otherwise, the attorney could negotiate a sentence that involves entering a drug treatment program in lieu of jail time.

Source: LowellSun, "Bill filed on synthetic drug that has 'young people dying'", Alana Melanson, September 04, 2014