Massachusetts Drug Bust Involves More Than 1,000 Bags of Heroin

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Two brothers are in custody after a large supply of heroin and Oxycodone pills was allegedly discovered in their possession on Sept. 11. They were detained after detectives reportedly determined that a large delivery was to be made in Springfield. Surveillance was established in the area as a result.

Officials reportedly identified the Pontiac driven by one of the men as it moved toward the alleged delivery destination. As the men pulled into a parking lot, authorities surrounded the vehicle, taking both men into custody. Reports indicate that more than 1,000 bags of heroin were discovered. Additionally, the men allegedly possessed more than $100 in cash and a supply of Oxycodone pills. The men were scheduled for arraignment on Sept. 12 at the Springfield District Court.

While community concern over drug-related activity may be significant, it is important for officials to observe the rights of those they are investigating. In an incident such as this, a defense lawyer might be concerned about the search and seizure protocol followed by officials in an investigation.

Since each situation is unique, it may be important for a defense lawyer to review all aspects of a case to determine the most appropriate defense strategy. In some cases, violations of individual rights might be an issue that could result in some or all charges being dismissed. In other instances, a lawyer might seek plea deal alternatives if the defendant has a prior criminal record. Being detained on drug charges does not imply guilt, and each defendant is entitled to a fair trial.

Source: WGGB, "Brothers Arrested, Police Find Over 1,000 Bags of Heroin", Jessica Michalski, September 12, 2014